Project 'Hi Trivandrum'

Back to the roots

5 years😧 it is being a really long time I posted on my blog. I am really surprised and grateful to see people still visit my blog.This motivated me and  I promise you that I will update this regularly.
      Well, past five years a lot happened. Me, Vijith, little boy Kashi moved to Trivandrum, we set up a branding agency Andmore. The amazing thing for me is that we(Me & Vijith) started working together on projects.

'Hi Trivandrum'

After coming to Trivandrum our maiden project was 'Hi Trivandrum' which we had on the walls of Spectrum Graphics Office.

We have illustrated 21 landmarks from the royal capital city.
  1. Secretariat
  2. The Napier Museum
  3. University College
  4. Padmanabhaswami temple
  5. Palayam Mosque
  6. Palayam church
  7. Finearts college
  8. Public library
  9. Kanakakunnu Palace
  10. kowdiar palace
  11. Central Railway station
  12. Airport
  13. Technopark
  14. University College
  15. Sankumukam beach & Kanayi kunjuraman Matsyakanyaka
  16. Corporation Building
  17. Kovalam beach
  18. Kuthiramalika
  19. Indian Coffeehouse at Tampanoor
  20. Legislative assembly
  21. West fort
Our Project was covered in the newspaper  Click here to read online version

We were extremely happy when 'Hi Trivandrum' got popular and the same illustration came on CII -Confederation of Indian Industry Annual report 2014-2015

And one of the most surprising as 'Hi Trivandrum' was selected to be part of a  public art project called 'Arteria " by Kerala tourism and District Tourism promotional council. We were so happy to work along with amazing artists like BD Dathan, Kanayi Kunjuraman, KatoorNarayana Pillai, NN Rimzon and many others

'Hi Trivandrum' Orginal Version 

'Hi Trivandrum' originally was done digitally and the Illustration was printed at Spectrum. Spectrum's  Hp Latex printer is ideal for wall graphics and is odour-free and since the vinyl is PVC free that it is even ideal in hospital and Kindergartens. 

We are happy to share printed illustration with you. It is ideal for Wallpaper or Posters.
For enquiries mail me at rachanavijith@gmail.com



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